Ordering at the TesT Shop:

After you have sent your binding order to the TesT Shop (by clicking the button "Buy" in step 5) you will receive an automatically generated e-mail including the note that your order has successfully arrived. This e-mail is NOT valid as an order confirmation.

When your binding order has arrived at TesT GmbH it will be checked and processed immediately. In normal case you will then receive a written order confirmation from us via e-mail or, in case of inconsistencies, we are going to contact you first.

Depending on the payment method you selected before purchasing the products can be shipped immediately or after receipt of your payment. Please always note the stated delivery times.

Thank you,

Your TesT Shop Team



A purchase contract materializes by an offer of contract and an acceptance of contract. The presentation of goods at the TesT Shop is still no offer of contract in the legal sense. It is simply an advertising of goods, the so-called "invitatio ad referendum" (in English approx. the "invitation to submit an offer of contract"). Thus the purchase contract reaches legal binding within the moment in which TesT GmbH accepts the binding order submitted by a business customer at the TesT Shop (= offer of contract) by sending him / her a written order confirmation (= acceptance of contract) via e-mail.